Treating and Curing Asthma

With unknown origin, a deadly disease called asthma has surging its way throughout the Western World. Upon stimulation of irritants introduced in the lungs, the air passage ways starts to restrict, limiting the oxygen permitted by the lungs to help the body function properly. Speculations have been made that it is due to a continuous advancement in technology that has contributed to the rise in the pollutants in the air. Throughout the world, asthma has rampantly been spreading. Triggers are identified however the exact cause or origin has yet to be pin-pointed.


Unclear Diagnosis

There is no defined diagnosis as to allow a physician strict, exact andprecise prognosis -with no questions, as to tag a person with asthma contrary to some other lung-related disease. A close monitoring system over a long period of time is the only way to see a certain path of consistency in diagnosing asthma. Being that there are numerous types of asthma, it is that of what triggers the attack that is more in scrutiny. To identify the allergens and pollutants that cause asthma, a physician can successfully mandate an asthma management plan that can assist a person to live a somewhat comfortable life in-spite of having asthma.


Unclear and uncertain, the medical experts have a hard time defining asthma however concentration is geared more on what causes asthma instead of clearly defining asthma. In cases where allergens like house pets are concerned, if and when this does not cause asthma in a person then more than usual, the trigger is outside someone’s home – environmental factors. This is clearly consistent with the rising asthma conditions in industrialized countries in the west. Urban population is highly affected as well contrary to those that live in the country. This would be attributed to the limitless smog and carbon dioxide excreted in the air by commute vehicles. Numerous factories as well, which belches dark smoke in the air during production aggravates the quality of air in the urban cities.


Smoking Equals Asthma

Environmental pollutants cannot take all the blame in causing asthma attack nevertheless the quality of air plays a big role in an asthmatics life and well-being. On the other hand, regardless of where a person lives, if he or she has a habit of smoking, which shoots smoke straight into the lungs of a person, then no amount of precautions can be taken if smoking does not cease. Asthmatic smokers seal their own coffin. There is no other choice than to kick the bad habit and aiming for a healthier lifestyle because it is either that or death due to asthma.


In cases where a smoker has a hard time quitting, hypnotherapy has been known to endow the ability to withdraw from steady smoking.


No Permanent Cure for Asthma

asthmaFor those knowledgeable, there is no permanent cure for asthma. Proper diagnosis and management is the only way to control the disease, instead of having the disease control one’s lifestyle and wellness. Factors that has caused previous attacks must be reported to the patients physician right away, this is vital in coming up with a consistent asthma management plan. Avoidance is the key, however, environmental elements such as the quality of the air can never be controlled, and may trigger a sudden attack. For cases like this, it would be best to always have an inhaler handy. Salbutamol quickly relieves symptoms of asthma however it should not be classified as a long term drug treatment. Proper prescription of asthma drugs must be introduced to the body in dosages equaling the severity of the disease, per person – respectively.


Proper Treatment Will Equate Relief

Proper prognosis of asthma can be made once a consistent diagnosis is conducted. Adequate treatment can then follow. Constant research must be done to ensure facts about the disease, not hearsay or assumptions, for these variables can cause death. Abundance of information is made available in the internet. Detailed and comprehensive reports, diagnosis and treatments are ready and available. Ultimately, information is good however proper guidance of a physician is still best in studying one’s personal battle with asthma.

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