Working While Enduring Exercise Induced Asthma

Exercise induced asthma offsets the thought that exercise, per say, will eradicate asthma. In the contrary, numerous reports have been filed showing people who are exercising still acquire asthma. Ironically, exercise should be able to assist a person to achieve maximum physical health. As medical experts insistently stress that a healthy body allows the body to avoid such diseases, however, regardless how healthy a person is, if he or she is stressed or overwork, one’s immune system may be at risk, thus inducing asthma attacks.


Understanding the Link between Exercise and Asthma

Asthma is a complex disease. Its origin is yet to be traced, however, one must still persists on understanding what it is that triggers and attack. When asthma is acquired, the breathing of the victim is highly affected. Triggers such as environmental elements, like: dust and pollution, may cause onset asthma. This aggravates the lungs and defies it from functioning properly. Once restriction of air passage begins, at attack sets in, and only inhalers can deliver a short term relief.


Physically exerting oneself excessively is not advisable. Exercise induced asthma develops when a person stresses the body too much to the point that it deprives the heart and the lungs of its normal function, forcing it to work extra harder further creating an asthma attack. Definitely, attempts to lose weight, especially for obese people, is the only way to go in controlling asthma, on the other hand, strenuous exercises may do more harm rather than good. Extreme stress on the body creates a voluminous stress on the lungs as it allows air to pass through in greater intervals and velocity. This is what can trigger exercise induced asthma. Therefore, a need to work closely with a physician before any physical undertakings must be made to prevent such attacks.


Consequences of Exercise Induced Asthma

exercise induced asthmaAs severe as it is, chances must never be made in dealing with asthma, especially when it is induced through exercising. The primary goal of exercise is to allow a person to lose unwanted weight. To allow a person to keep an ideal weight by eating right, and burning off calories through exercise is the main goal of such physical mobilization. Thus mild exercise must be entertained, rather than strenuously exerting the body, as to negate exercise induced asthma. The main point of physical movement is to burn unwanted fats, and excess calories, movement is the key, but certainly setting perimeters on a person’s physical capacity and capability.


The proper treatment of asthma by exercising must never be about how fast, or how hard, a person moves, rather it is about moving – period. Likewise, exercise may not be much if not accompanied by proper diet. Counting of calories is a definite plus in losing weight. If done right, exercise induced asthma may definitely be avoided. A brisk walk is very possible however it must be done in non-traffic areas where the person is exposed to commute smoke and pollution. This will do more damage rather than good because it would definitely cause an attack.


The right approach in exercising could only be achieved if a proper diagnosis is mended with a physician, thus preventing exercise induced asthma. Proper diagnosis is the key in achieving success in fighting asthma. The human body has certain limit and it is up to the person to find out up to what his or her body can achieve. And if in any case the body is pushed over the limit, physically, it wouldn’t be able to function well, losing weight would then be useless because an attack would set in, which would cause the person to completely ditch exercising. It doesn’t have to be this way. Proper asthma management accompanied with the supervision of a physician is the only way to fight exercise induced asthma.

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